How To Choose A Pair Of Replica Oakley Sunglasses
Replica Oakley Sunglasses can be said to be a girl%u2019s best friend but more often than not, most women wear them wrong in the bid to make a fashion statement. The mysterious look which is sought after by most people is achieved through wearing oversized sunglasses but they can bring out the features you would rather hide. You may be doing this without knowing it! Sunglasses are even moving away from their primary use which was to shield our eyes from the sun. Nowadays, women (yes, also men) buy oakleys sunglasses that match up with their shoes or bags to help complete their outfit.

With the many brand names available on the market, it can be a bit difficult choosing the right one but there is one that stands out from the rest and that is Oakley. The good thing with Replica Oakley Sunglasses is that aside from being fashion adornments, they are also good at providing quality shielding from the sun%u2019s rays. There are various factors to consider when it comes to choosing the most suitable pair of Replica Oakley sunglasses for you.

Check the labels

When it comes to this, you can never be too sure. It is important that you choose a pair that states that it provides a hundred percent protection from UV rays. Most Replica Oakley sunglasses offer this however there are some that are purely fashion statements.

Function of the glasses

It is important that you know what exactly you%u2019ll be wearing your Oakley sunglasses for. If you are going to be playing sports in them then you might as well choose a pair that comes in plastic, chip proof or light material. Such materials remain durable even after exposure to a lot of bumps and falls.

Lens comfort level

It is important that you choose a lens that will be comfortable enough for your eyes. There are some that have filters for blue light and are helpful for people who have macular degeneration. To test this out, you should stand outside and look at the sky. Instead of the blue, you should see a gray hue. Shades that have green lenses have a tendency to distort colors even less when compared to other colors.

Your face shape

This is another important factor that should always be kept in mind. There are basically 5 face shapes - round, heart shaped, oval, square and diamond shaped. For a round face, choose sunglasses that are square and vice versa for square shaped individuals. When it comes to a heart shaped face, the best sunglasses would be cat style. Diamond shaped faces go well with oval Oakley sunglasses while oval faces match up with virtually any shape of sunglasses. If you are blessed with an oval face then you are very lucky!

It is important that you know that even though a pair of Oakleys sunglasses may be dark, it doesn%u2019t necessarily mean that they will protect you from the sun%u2019s rays. Again you should also note that lightly tinted sunglasses allow you to see better.

Choosing Replica Oakley sunglasses ensures that you make the right choice as you can hardly go wrong with this brand.

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